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Give your passengers a better experience by providing them with a range of methods to purchase their tickets.


Trapeze’s flexible ticketing solutions allow you to sell tickets quickly and easily whenever your customers want it: at home, en route or on board a vehicle.

The Trapeze ticketing application is secure, easy to use and works across all platforms: smartphones, computers and internet-enabled mobile devices. Passengers can pay with cash, credit card or debit card, with sale charges made through a browser-based backend system.

Your solution can also include Trapeze stationary ticketing machines in stations and at stops and/or mobile ticketing machines for in-vehicle use. The latter can combine a ticket printer with the vehicle’s on-board computer for optimal system compatibility and seamless integration with your existing systems.

Trapeze’s ticketing technology caters for a range of ticket types, from traditional paper tickets to smartcards and e-tickets. Our latest innovation is based on presence detection technology, where commuters carrying Be-In/Be-Out (BIBO) cards are automatically registered as soon as they board any public transport vehicle. This means no touching smartcards on or off, no scrabbling for change to pay for fares and no worries about losing paper tickets.

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