TV screen in bus real time passenger information intelligent transport systems

Set yourself up to succeed by delivering a high-quality customer experience. Grow ridership by making public transport convenient and attractive.

Ensuring your passengers know what to expect in terms of delays and transfers has been proven to positively impact their perception of public transport performance. Keep your passengers informed at any stage of their journey:

  • Online when they look up timetables on their smartphones or computers
  • On the street when they arrive at a stop or a station and check the signage
  • On the trip through in-vehicle displays and announcements

Trapeze’s Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) systems provide up-to-the-minute information on next departures and transfers. The RTPI systems can integrate to or be built into your operations control system, which integrates with your vehicles’ on-board computers. The RTPI systems can show information from external systems using an industry-standard interface. This gives you consistent and accurate information across different systems and media as well as connection protection for an ideal passenger experience.

The hardware components of Trapeze’s RTPI system include passenger information displays for stops, multifunctional displays for vehicles and in-vehicle audio announcements. Functional, reliable and accessible for special needs passengers, they represent a smart choice for real-world deployment.

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