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The Automatic Vehicle Location and Control (AVLC) operations control system offers dispatchers a constant overview of all operational processes.


This allows staff to closely monitor day-to-day activities and to quickly detect and correct problems if any errors or incidents occur. Transport authorities can not only use this to monitor and manage the delivery of regular services (including those contracted out to operators), but also manage exceptional circumstances such as road closures and excessive congestion.

This advanced, integrated control system increases the efficiency of your processes while deploying as few human or vehicle resources as possible. The Trapeze AVLC can give you a complete all-in-one solution, with flexible, configurable modules including:

  • Control centre technology
  • On-board systems
  • Business information
  • Traffic light prioritisation
  • Passenger information

It can also be integrated with planning systems to simplify the flow of planning data and enable interfaces for live duty and roster monitoring and management.

All system components benefit from a central data supply and central management because data only needs to be recorded once. The data centre, depot servers and on-board computers in vehicles exchange and share data on timetables, announcements, statistics, logs, device messages and vehicle location. This leads to a consistent supply of useable information, greater operational flexibility and lower labour costs.

This also allows you to implement connection protection, a mechanism that electronically connects two services for automated management. This enables a more integrated network and smoother transfers between services for commuters.

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