You want your technicians to devote their time to carrying out maintenance jobs without wasting time on the computer trying to work out what they need to do. A system that gives them a tailored user experience will give them a quick and easy way to stay on top of their tasks.


The Trapeze EAM system has been specially made and refined over the years to be as simple and effective as possible for work crews. Here are some special features, developed after feedback from public transport organisations:

  • Role-based user interface, which can be configured to your department’s needs
  • One click clock-in for staff, giving supervisors access to real-time labour tracking
  • Technicians can view the work history and manage or order parts for jobs allocated to them with one click
  • Staff can access an illustrated parts catalogue for the series of vehicles associated with their work orders and select the parts they need to order
  • Touch screen compatible for workshop environments

This intuitive design also makes it easy to train new employees in the use of the system, making it advantageous for departments that experience a high staff turnover. The Trapeze EAM system’s rail-specific features and workflows mean it is more likely to enjoy high user acceptance than generic EAM systems. 

Trapeze EAM screen shot 2


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