Cradle-to-grave asset management is easier to achieve than you think if you use an asset management system specifically built for your industry.


Trapeze’s EAM system caters for all types of assets unique to the rail industry, including linear assets, rolling stock, signalling systems, infrastructure and more. Furthermore, past and present relationships between assets are also recorded so you can track each individual asset throughout its entire lifecycle.


Trapeze EAM screen shot 3

The system also automates management of scheduled services. Once a preventative maintenance work order is completed, the system automatically increments the application so you know when the next service is due.

Finding the information you need on any asset takes seconds: simply type in its ID number (or linear reference for linear assets) to pull up an asset record with key data such as scheduled services and warranties for quick reference.

You can also view live asset data on a map and access associated asset records, work orders and service requests from here, so planning services is easy and convenient.


Trapeze EAM screen shot 4


The Trapeze EAM system is also capable of integrating with intelligent vehicles that are capable of monitoring their own health, making predictive maintenance viable and possible.


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